Top 3 of 2017 off-trail snowmobiles

by : Vincent Bourque-Veilleux
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Publish on : 2016-11-22

During the last decade, off-trail snowmobiles have become very popular with their aggressive style, powerful engines and mostly with their ability to climb where nobody had expected it. Year after year, manufacturers seriously look for improvements in this very specific segment.


In 2017, most manufacturers revised their mountain machines in order to offer even more to consumers. Here is the Top 3 of 2017 off-trail snowmobiles that will provide lots of emotions and enthusiasm this winter.

Number 1 : Ski-Doo Summit X 850 

By offering the new 4th generation REV platform, Ski-Doo once again promises to revolutionise the snowmobile industry. The model that caught our attention is the Summit X equipped with a new track of 154 or 165 in/342,2 or 355,5 cm.


The chassis has been redesigned to be more compact, more rigid and yet lighter. Then, you add the new 2-stroke engine of 850 cc, new suspensions, more efficient controls, redesigned ergonomics, etc. Everything has been redesigned! The riding experience should exceed the expectations. With such a machine, you will be the king of the mountain.

Number 2 : Polaris 800 PRO-RMK 

Once again, Polaris offers the famous 800 PRO-RMK, a proven snowmobile with powerful engine, efficient track package and properly calibrated suspensions to literally eat snow.


What’s new for 2017? Same formula than last year, but the machine is now available with a track of 174 in/442 cm. Engineers worked very hard to keep the same riding pleasure despite such a track length. The driving sensation is in fact similar to the 163 in/442 cm, but with all the bite of the additional 11 in/27,9 cm. All what you need to play in tons of powder snow. Let it snow!

Number 3 : Arctic Cat M 8000 

At first sight, the Arctic Cat M 8000 has not changed, but this is wrong. The manufacturer has revised the suspensions, the chassis has been rebuilt and the engine received many modifications so that this mountain snowmobile can still compete with other machines. Some modifications have also been brought to revise the ergonomics of controls and to enhance the feeling delivered to the pilot.


With these numerous modifications, the overall performance of the snowmobile will be easier to handle, agile and in connection with the pilot. All this in order to push even harder once behind the handlebar.

Number « X » : Yamaha Sidewinder M-TX 

In its own category due to its 4-stroke engine, its dimensions and its weight. We have to talk however about the new Yamaha Sidewinder that should provide extreme sensations. Equipped with the brand new turbocharged engine, this beast delivers about 200 HP and generates an incredible torque of 130 lb-ft. All you need “ to take off ” at full speed for your destination.


In the off-trail edition (M-TX), the Sidewinder is equipped with a track package of 162 in/411,5 cm. Also, the front suspension arms have been specially designed to improve the performance in powder snow. We still need to see its handiness and fun to pilot compared with the other machines.



Once again this year, manufacturers have seriously bet on the mountain snowmobiles. They have brought many major modifications to these models and only future will tell which one will be the best to dominate snow!

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