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Welcome to the OnLine Trial section

This section is reserved to all trials conduct by You can be part of ours trials by following our team online during all the season. You can even asked them question about a snowmobile or an accessory while it is still in testing. Those questions and answers will be published in the specific FAQ. Click the following links to access the trials:

Long term trials
Theses trials take place for the whole season. Ours trials usually start early November and end in May. For each snowmobile you will find articles, weekly reports and a fuel and oil consumption log. You will also find comments from the test pilots and other people who drove the vehicule.

Arctic-Cat Z1 Turbo Sno Pro 2009
Polaris FST IQ Touring 2009
Ski-Doo MX Z Renegade 600 E-TEC 2009
Yamaha FX Nytro XTX 2009
Yamaha RS-Venture TF 2009

Short term trials

Theses trials are done on a short period ranging from one day to a week. Or course theses tests don't provide as much information since they occurs on a specific period of the season. However they are a very good indicator on the snowmobile.

Arctic Cat CrossFire 1000 2009
Arctic Cat F1000 Sno Pro 2009
Ski-Doo GTX LE 1200 4-TEC 2009
Ski-Doo MX Z TNT 1200 4-TEC 2009
Yamaha Apex LTX GT 2009
Yamaha Apex RTX 2009

Parts and accessories

Beside the snowmobile trials our team also conduct trials about accessories, parts, clothing, trailers, etc... In this section you will find the articles we write about theses tests.

Collett Communicators DooFone 2009
Industries jack Rolling Jack Simple 2009
Roue-Ski Roues rétractables 2009
Spot Traceur personnel par satellite 2009

Camoplast Ice Ripper 2009
Tour Buddy Systems Tour Buddy Nytro 2009

Kimpex - CKX Casque RR 700 2009
Kimpex - CKX Tranz Blast 2009
Polaris IQ Shift 600 2009
Ski-Doo Vêtements et casque Modulaire 2 2009

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